We will Audit your current PPC Account

The audit is the best place to start! If you are running AdWords, Bing or any other PPC campaigns on your own, my wife and I will gladly take a look at your campaigns and identify any problems and help you fix them. We charge a small $100 one-time fee to audit your entire account and optimize up to one campaign.

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I use the following 22 Point AdWords Campaign Audit:

  • 1. Target Market

    With AdWords you can specify where the ads are served across the country, state or city, don’t waste your PPC budget on an area that your business cannot service or receives no conversions.

  • 2. Scheduling

    Is your campaign running 24/7 but your campaign produces its best results during normal business hours? Timing is everything – don’t waste your budget during non-peak times.

  • 3. Impression Share

    Generating a high impression share with your most relevant terms is critical, specifically when they are exact / phrase match – otherwise potential leads and sales are being left on the table for your competitors.

  • 4. Conversion Rate

    Maximum conversion comes down to two major factors – relevance and quality of your landing page. The challenge is each of these key factors can be difficult to manage – we’ll handle it.

  • 5. Cost per Conversion

    The single most important metric. If this figure is too high – you are losing money, if it’s too low you’re giving away leads to your competitors. Our main focus for all campaigns is to drive the maximum amount of conversions at or below our cost per lead/sale goals.

  • 6. Lost Impressions

    Not only is maintaining a high impression share for your most relevant keywords important – there are 2 different reasons you could be losing this precious exposure – let’s get to the bottom of it!

  • 7. Bidding Options

    Never a good idea to use automatic bidding. (Think: Giving a fox the key to the hen house)

  • 8. Budget

    Set appropriately to maximize opportunity and minimize waste – many times budgets are set too high to accommodate wasted keyword spend.

  • 9. Limited Budget

    Are you consistently hitting your budget cap? If so you are either missing opportunity or wasting money – simple as that.

  • 10. Best Keyword Position

    Never a good idea to apply blanket positioning rules to all keywords. The reality is some keywords will perform well, and others will not and they need to be bid down and potentially eliminated.

  • 11. Ad Delivery and Rotation

    Staggering budgets throughout the day is generally not a good strategy – laser targeting your budget to the highest converting times of the day will produce better results. Make sure your ads are shown evenly, never let Google handle your ad delivery ratio or you will be making decisions with incomplete information.

  • 12. Search vs. Display Network

    Search network intent is explicit – display network is NOT. Make sure both channels are being utilized properly.

  • 13. Device Preference

    Different mediums such as mobile respond in different ways – your ad copy needs to be appropriate for the device you’re marketing to (iphone, desktop, etc.)

  • 14. Click-Thru Rate (CTR)

    If you are not hitting at least 3% CTR for your most relevant terms there is a problem. There are many factors that lead to lower CTR – we will identify them for you.

  • 15. Quality Score

    By far one of the most misunderstood, and important metrics in any campaign. We are experts in de-mystifying this Google insider metric – remember this is all we do!

  • 16. Campaign Structure

    The old saying a house is only as strong as its foundation rings very true with a PPC campaign. You simply need to make sure you have the proper separation across campaigns to monitor & manage budgets, relevance, networks etc.

  • 17. Ad Group Segmentation

    Probably the most common mistake we discover. If you have large clusters of keywords within each ad group you are simply paying too much for your traffic. Segmentation is absolutely critical to maximizing quality score, lowering average cost per click and producing higher conversion rates.

  • 18. Match Types

    Another common issue we find is far too much reliance on the most dangerous match type there is – broad. Broad match, when used properly is meant to be a ‘tool of discovery’ – if your campaign relies heavily on it your are spending too much, and not nearly relevant enough.

  • 20. Ad Copy

    Relevance and resonance. If your customer refers to what they are looking for as an “app” you better do the same or they will ignore your ad. Relevant ad copy, using styles that resonate with your target market is the key to maximizing CTR and quality score.

  • 21. Conversion Tracking

    Maximizing your campaign is impossible without properly tracking the ultimate goal – conversion. Conversion is our obsession, we’ll tell you exactly what’s right or wrong with your tracking.

  • 21. Landing Page Optimization

    The best structured and managed PPC campaign is destined for failure if it’s sending traffic to a landing page that cannot convert. We know exactly what it takes to make these pages produce and are always eager to advise.

  • 22. Bid Management

    If your bids are NOT being adjusted on a regular basis, based on past and predicted performance, then your account is only producing a fraction of what it could be – with the highly targeted bidding solutions we can help.

Do any of these problems look familiar?
If they do, give us a call at (323) 682-3946 or schedule a consultation and I will quickly assess your existing PPC campaigns and offer a solution to fix any problems.