What is an Hourly Project?

In hourly projects, you pay our managers on an hourly basis and only for the hours they spend on your project.


How do I know how many hours my manager has spent on my project?

Managers use our Desktop App to track the time they spend on your project tasks. A history of all the time they have tracked on your project is available for you to review on your project page.


How do I know what my manager has been doing during these hours?

You can view periodic screenshots of how your manager has been spending their time on your project. These are available on the Time Tracking section of your project page. You can be rest assured that every hour billed is spent working on your project only!


Benefits of Hourly Projects?

We’ve decided to offer hourly projects to all of our clients for three reasons:

First is to provide highest level of transparency and quality assurance in the industry!

Second is to make your relationships with us extremely flexible, you can hire us just for a couple of hours a week, if your project is small and save a lot of money on management fees.

Finally, we wanted to implement and offer a marketing management system that delivers the highest level of quality to our clients and employees. Our managers work on average one hour with each client every day, which means they cannot have more than 8-10 clients, making your relationships with a manager almost exclusive, compare to industry standards!

Here’s what is going on in the industry these days: hire an employee to manage clients accounts and load him or her with 30, 50 or in some extreme cases up to 200 clients! Needless to say that one person cannot possibly be working 30-50 hours per day and so accounts get neglected or receive no more than 2-3 hours of actual work per month, while their flat rate fees usually go well beyond several thousand dollars a month.

There is also an alternative and that is to hire a freelancer, they too offer hourly billing, however it is extremely hard to find a qualified & trustworthy person with necessary experience to run your campaigns and invest your marketing dollars. All of our employees undergo extensive training and certification! Every new employee is hired as a trainee, regardless of their prior experience and has to spend at least 24 months working under strict supervision of a senior manager and acquire all Google and Bing official marketing certifications before they are allowed to manage clients accounts independently.