Have you ever received an email from Google’s so-called “support” or “Customer Solutions” team? If you have an AdWords account, chances are you have seen them in your inbox before.

If you ignored and deleted these emails, consider yourself lucky! Because nothing good has ever come out of Google’s Support advice. I don’t know who’s running their support team now, but that person much have a hell of a lot of experience with email SPAM industry, ’cause these emails are becoming more and more alarming. Just now I received an email from a recent client saying that he received an email from Google notifying him that his ads are no longer showing (see the image above).

Even though I already finished the work with this client and got paid, I always try to extend a helping hand, even if I know I won’t be able to charge money for follow-up advice or a quick fix. I immediately logged in to his account and found the campaign I set up just a few days ago running perfectly well, generating traffic and impressions. No warnings in the account, ads are all approved and the keywords have high enough bids etc.

I smelled Google’s BS pretty much right away but wanted to confirm and make sure, ’cause I didn’t want to miss anything and leave the client with a broken campaign, so I asked him to forward me the email (see image above). When I saw the email, it was clear as day that Google won’t stop for anything to SPAM you with useless and now also alarming emails to get you to talk to their “support”.

I can’t believe that they’d send an email saying “Your ad isn’t showing anymore” knowing full well the campaign is running and everything is perfectly fine with the account. Now the client doesn’t know any of that, so he thinks something is not working. Most of my clients have little to no experience with Google Ads, so they are a perfect target for these types of Google SPAM emails. Why do they do it, you ask?

The answer is actually pretty simple, just like any SPAM they want your money. It’s not enough you’re already their client and spending money, they want to scare you into thinking that you are not getting good results, not enough traffic, low impressions, competitors are taking your leads and calls etc. Anything to get you to apply their recommendations. It still doesn’t sound that bad, however, if you take into account what recommendations they give out, you’ll know that everything they recommend is designed for one purpose only – to get you to spend ALL of your budget, as fast as possible, every single day. They’ll also tell you to spend MORE, ’cause why not, right? The more you spend, the more you get, the only problem is that you’ll get next to nothing following their recommendations.

It started a long time ago, they’ve implemented (not recommended) notes right in Google Ads. I’m sure you’ve seen them if you ever set up your own campaign. It’s things like Bid strategy when they say “Or, select a bid strategy directly (not recommended)” followed by “Setting bids manually may result in lower performance. Use Smart Bidding to help improve results by using more signals to optimize your bids.” Here’s a problem with that – they do not recommend you to choose a bid strategy directly, ’cause God forbid you’d want to select a Manual Bidding and turn off one of their default Rip Off auto strategies. When you actually select Manual bidding, they scare you into changing your mind by saying that you’d have “lower performance” … Well, your idea of performance and theirs are two different things – if you want to spend all of your budget on useless traffic from the unprofitable positions, go ahead and do it, you are on the same page with Google. However, if you want to maximize your ROI, ROAS, increase conversion rate and lower conversion cost you should never rely on Google’s auto bid strategies, ’cause regardless of their names, they all have one purpose – waste your money!