We know what it’s like to be in your shoes!

I’ve spent 10 full years working for various Online Marketing companies, doing everything from SEO to Advanced PPC and quit my last 6 figure job at one of the biggest and well-known marketing firms in Los Angeles for one simple reason – Client Satisfaction.
Trust me when I tell you that every big marketing company in the U.S. cares about you up until you pay a few thousand dollars in set up fees. After that they move on and sell to another guy and the best thing you might get is 2-3 hours per month of mediocre campaign management.

I quit and started working with my own clients, right now it’s just me working from home and I can dedicate at least 3-5 hours per week to manage and optimize all of your paid campaigns.

I’m always available to answer any questions, talk on the phone or Skype, screen share or send progress reports. I will be working with you on every aspect of your campaigns, the most important goal is to keep your CPA (cost-per-acquisition) low for your paid campaigns to be profitable. It’s easier said than done and I understand that you have a company to run, so I want you to trust me to invest your marketing dollars and get you the highest ROI.

I provide initial audit and consultation for free, you will know what I do and why I do it every step of the way. I’m not married to one PPC channel or the other, if AdWords won’t work for your company (which happens sometimes) I will be the first to tell you to stop and try other types of online marketing.

We take our Reputation Very Seriously!

I personally guarantee under the penalty of Perjury that all of the reviews, feedback, and testimonials are 100% genuine and from my real clients. I do a lot of work on Freelance websites like UpWork, People Per Hour, Freelancer, Guru and Elance, every single review below is the exact quote from one of those websites and you’re more than welcome to visit all/any of them to verify my feedback.

I go through a lot of people before I find the ‘right guy.’ Believe me when I say that this is the ‘right guy’ for PPC. We have a middle sized business with a good PPC strategy, but I wanted to see if I could find someone who could bring it to the next level. THIS IS THE GUY YOU WANT! I expected it to take 6 months to break even. He made 3X what he cost in added value in only 3 months!

His communication is EXCELLENT. His knowledge of all of our PPC arms (Adwords, Facebook, and Bing) were far superior to average in the field. He is a really easy-going human being, and he’s a PREDATOR at PPC.

Don’t hesitate at all because of the fee. The ROI on this guy is worth it. Hire him now before your competitor does.

Again, Ilya, thank you for all your hard work on this project, and when we revisit next quarter, we will definitely be using you again.

UpWork Client, PPC - Need Remarketing & Display Ads Set Up - Dec 14
“Ilya is an excellent PPC consultant, would recommend to anyone.”
LegacyPR, Require Google and LinkedIn PPC Campaign Manager - Elance
“He’s been a pleasure to work with on Facebook advertising and would recommend him! He’s great and we would definitely hire him in the future.”
Spencer Colt, Facebook Ads - Elance
“This Freelancer was exceptionally easy to work and communicate with and always delivered on time. However, there were a few moments of miscommunication that resulted in undue costs – but, he was very quick to make up for it in a very professional manor!”
Flerika, Google Adwords/Adsense Marketing - Elance
“Very experienced and knowledgeable about PPC. Great job cleaning up my campaigns.”
Mark Lane, AdWords Campaign Creation and Management - Elance
“We were very pleased with Ilya’s work and would definitely hire him again in the near future as our needs require. We believe he is a subject matter expert and should be considered for any and all SEO and Digital Advertising projects. He was very responsive and always gave us his expert opinion on how to drive conversions on our website. ”
Josh Helland, Google Shopping Ads Setup & Optimization - Elance
“Ilya did a great job on our adwords account, and achieved some awesome results. Would definitely recommend him and will use him again in the future.”
Creative Designs Team, Pay Per Click (Adwords & Adcentre) Specialist Required - Elance
“Ilya is great. He knows what he is doing, he is responsive, thorough, fair with pricing and an overall good guy.”
schnitz444, Google PPC, Organic SEO, Email Marketing - Elance
“Ilya set up our adwords campaign from scratch and has done a fantastic job. Conversions are being made and I will be hiring him again soon to tweak the campaign and add more products to it. I would highly recommend hiring this freelancer for any adwords project!”
GiftsWithStyle, Gift Website Adwords Account Development - Elance
“5 stars all the way, a great guy who did exactly what I needed and was very patient with all my questions, will definitely rehire in the future and recommend highly…thanks again for everything ”
Sarah Andal, Help with setting up PPC campaign - Elance
“Ilya is highly knowledgeable in his field of expertise. He is very personable and easily accessible when we need to discuss strategy. I will definitely be hiring him again!”
Debbie Bering, Google Adwords and Analytics Account Management - Elance
“I was very satisfied with the level of professionalism and quality of work provided on my Bing and Google Accounts performed. I will definitely consider rehiring in the future with my PPC projects. ”
Doug, Google Adwords / Bing Adcenter Management - Elance
“Absolutely fantastic experience. Second time we have hired for a job and we could not be happier. Thank you for all your help.”
Travor, Ad Campaign for Autobossrv.com - Elance
“Absolutely outstanding. Best provider we have found. Very excited to hire again for new job. Thank you.”
Travor, Create add campaign for RVgone.com on google - Elance
“It was a pleasure working with Ilya. Work was quick, concise, and beyond what was asked. Communication was very good and I will certainly work with him again.”
Kagan41, Google Analytics/Adwords Fix - Elance
“Ilya was wonderful to work with! His level of expertise is prodigious, and he helped me very much at the time I needed it. I will definitely be working with him again, probably for a long time.”
JAKENEWBERRY, Facebook Ads Help - Elance
“Thanks for the great work.”
Peter Borden, Manage Digital Advertising (Adwords, PerfectAudience/Adroll, Bing, Twitter) - Elance
“Very very impressive. Ilya is very articulate, hardworking, and somehow extremely responsive with communication, all at the same time. Highly recommended. ”
MPMedia, Ecommerce Conversion Optimization Setup & Consultation - Elance
“Ilya has been great to work with. Professional, relaible, knowledgeable…will definitely work with him again.”
audioimports, Online Marketing Management - Elance
“Ilya was great to work with. The thing that I appreciated the most was the prompt responses to my requests. He is definitely on top of things and won’t let you down.”
Elizabethcp, Google AdWords - Elance
“Ilya is a real PPC expert. I was very pleased working with him. I got a lot of tips how to optimize my PPC campaign and I saw positive results in my google ad campaign overnight. Strongly recommend. A++++”
Eddy26, Need 2-4 hour training in optimizing ppc campaign - Elance
“Really nice work, he was really kind and patient. He took time to explain what I didn’t know about adword. I would hire him again and I will recommend him.”
UpWork Client, Setting up adword campaign/optimized - June 2014
“Ilya is easy to work with and well qualified to assist with setting up and managing Google Adwords campaigns.”
UpWork Client, Expert Adwords Configuration - July 2014
“IIya was amazing to worth with and I would absolutely work with him again.”
UpWork Client, Google Adwords Setup and Maintenance - Sep 2014
“Really nice work, he was really kind and patient. He took time to explain what I didn’t know about adword. I would hire him again and I will recommend him.”
UpWork Client, Setting up adword campaign/optimized - June 2014
“Smart freelancer, takes full responsibility off all aspects of the campaigns. I’m very happy with his work, and will hire him again.”
UpWork Client, Looking for a PPC Manager - Nov 2014
“I really enjoyed having Ilya help us out with our Adwords campaigns. He is super professional and knows what he is doing. I’ll be having him help us out anytime we need to adjust our Adwords campaigns because he is honest, helpful and does a really good and efficient job.”
UpWork Client, Adwords Optimization for Small, Seasonal, Local, Service Business - Apr 2015
“Ilya is a rare find for sure. I have worked with countless paid traffic specialists, and Ilya is among the best. Don’t hesitate to give him a shot.”
UpWork Client, Seeking AdWords Specialist - June 2015
“Very knowledgeable and easy to deal with. Thank you.”
UpWork Client, Adwords Campaign - July 2015
“Great effort by Ilya, Very straight forward guy and very responsive. Help us secure some early wins. Thank you Ilya.”
UpWork Client, Campaign Manager (PPC, Display Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mobile, Adroll Re-targeting) - Apr 2015
“Very professional, excellent communication and very knowledgeable. Ilya went out of his way to make sure everything is setup correctly for us. I highly recommend him and look forward to doing more work with him.”
UpWork Client, Re Marketing / re-targeting campaign - Sept 2015
“Great Work – Thanks!”
UpWork Client, SEM/PPC for Content Marketing Client Hunting - March 2015
“Very knowledgeable in PPC and has been an excellent contractor to work with. We will be hiring again in the near future.”
UpWork Client, PPC/AdWords Monthly Management - Feb 2015
“Ilya is a very talented and professional freelancer. His knowledge of PPC and online advertising was a great help to me. Also really appreciated his promptness with his communication. it’s always a challenge finding an ideal person to work with at Upwork..look no further, Ilya is the person to work with!”
UpWork Client, Optimize & Manage Google Adwords for Startup - Apr 2015
“Set up the perfect campaign for us, he’s always reachable and we will definitely hire him again when our new website is up.
We highly recommend Ilya for Adwords!
Awesome Job Ilya!!!”
UpWork Client, Google Adwords Rockstar!!!! - Sep 2015
“One of the best experiences I had in Upwork, he really cares about your business and is really expert in what he does, highly recommended”
UpWork Client, Online Marketing Strategist - Sept 2015
“Ilya was great and I would use him again anytime. He responded to all my messages immediately and got my job done within a few hours – even though it was the weekend. He delivered more than I asked for which made me very happy. Highly recommended!!”
UpWork Client, Google Adwords Campaign for Photography Business - Dec - 2015
“Ilya was great to work with. We certainly will work together again. Thank you for your support, Ilya!”
UpWork Client, AdWords Audit - Jan 2016
Can’t think of a better consultant to hire for full PPC management. THE BEST !!
UpWork Client, Adwords Account PPC Optimization Expert - Feb 2016
“Ilya really stepped up to help me through a challenging project and has helped me move it out of the planning stage and on toward revenue generating. I’ll be back to ask him to consider to work again!”
UpWork Client, LinkedIn Marketing Campaign - Feb 2016
“Ilya did a great job in setting up our Adwords campaigns and was always timely in his response. We’d use Ilya again for future campaigns.”
UpWork Client, Google Adwords Campaign - Feb 2016
“Absolutely fantastic. Keen, intelligent mind. Best PPC help our company has ever received.”
UpWork Client, Google Analytics + Ad Words - Teach us while doing - Feb 2016
“This has to be the best experience I’ve had with someone from Upwork. Absolute pleasure to deal with!”
UpWork Client, AdWords Agency Support - Mar 2016