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UpWork Top Rated & Fiverr Pro Certified Freelancer!

Why me?

I’ve spent 10 full years working for various Online Marketing companies, doing everything from SEO to Advanced PPC and quit my last 6 figure job at one of the biggest and well-known marketing firms in Los Angeles for one simple reason – Client Satisfaction.

Trust me when I tell you that every big marketing company in the U.S. cares about you up until you pay a few thousand dollars in set up fees. After that they move on and sell to another guy and the best thing you might get is 2-3 hours per month of mediocre campaign management.

I quit and started working with my own clients as a freelancer, it’s just me and my wife working from home and we can dedicate at least 3-5 hours per week to manage and optimize all of your paid campaigns. We are always available to answer any questions, talk on the phone or Skype, screen share or send progress reports. We will be working with you on every aspect of your campaigns, the most important goal is to keep your CPA (cost-per-acquisition) low for your paid campaigns to be profitable.

It’s easier said than done and we understand that you have a company to run, so we want you to trust us to invest your marketing dollars and get you the highest ROI.

Feel free to check my UpWork and Fiverr profiles, you’ll be able to read hundreds of reviews from saticfied clients I’ve had over the years on these two Freelancer Platforms.

One thing to consider, my direct prices are always cheaper, I work on 2 major Freelancer platforms: UpWork & Fiverr, these guys charge up to 20% on top of what you pay me, so $499 retainer can easily go up to as much as $600/mo and there’s no real benefit of using a middle man after the initial introduction. We will start with a discovery phone call and a kick off email in any case.

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Get Your Google Ads Audit Done by a Google Certified AdWords Partner!

Every relationship starts with the Audit! We believe in our service and hold ourselves to the highest standards, which is why we can only accept you as a client after we’ve audited your account and determined that we can run profitable AdWords campaigns for your company. We will audit your Google Ads account and send you a comprehansive report containing all of the problems with your campaigns and even help you fix them all and optimize your campaign. It takes a couple of hours to do it, so we charge a small fee of $100 for the initial Audit and Optimization of one campaign in your Google AdWords account.

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We are Your One Stop Solution for any Pay-Per-Click Project!

We manage and optimize every single PPC channel on the Internet, from AdWords and Bing to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Ads, you can allocate all of your Paid online marketing to us.

We’re a small and very exclusive home-based PPC Marketing Agency and can only accept select few clients. We do not outsource any part of your job, everything is done in-house by me and my wife. We have very few openings in our schedule, because most of our clients stay with us for months and years, so if you see our ads online call us right away, the space in our calendar is always limited and gets filled up very fast.

We listen to our Clients and create marketing campaigns based on their business needs and marketing goals. We have planned and implemented thousands of different campaigns and not one of them was the same as the other. Every campaign undergoes extensive research and planning.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • AdWords Account Setup

  • Analytics Account Setup

  • Bing & Yahoo Account Setup

  • AdWords Conversion Tracking

  • Analytics Goals Setup

  • Bing & Yahoo Conversion Tracking

  • Faceook Business Ads Setup

  • Twitter Ads Account Setup

  • Linkedin Ads Account Setup

  • Facebook Conversion Pixel Setup

  • Twitter Conversion Setup

  • Custom Retargeting Lists Setup

  • AdWords and Analytics Linking

  • Research and Setup of Search Campaigns

  • Competition PPC Analysis

  • YouTube Video Ads Account Setup

  • Merchant Center Setup

  • Product Feed Setup & Optimization

  • Research & Setup of Display Campaigns

  • Shopping Campaign Setup

  • Ongoing Conversion Optimization

  • Setup & Analysis of Business KPIs

  • Sales & Lead Funnel Optimization

  • Unlimited Email Support

  • Remarketing Campaign Setup

  • Branding Campaign Setup & Optimization

  • Traffic Behavior Analysis

Some of our Past and Current Clients

Ads for Wipe Record / AdWords & Twitter

Ads for Sporting Goods / Google Shopping & Facebook

Ads for Designer Clothes Company / AdWords & Facebook

Ads for Electric Skateboars / AdWords & YouTube Campaigns

Ads for Patio Doors Company / AdWords, Bing & Yahoo

Ads for Vinyl Windows Company / AdWords & Facebook

Apartment Locator Services / AdWords & Facebook

Ads for Dance Lessons Online / AdWords & Bing

Ads for Medic Test Prep Courses / AdWords & Bing

Client Reviews: We Love our Clients, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our Clients and their success. When you hire us, there is no need to worry about customer support. With over 850 clients and counting, you cannot go wrong with Live PPC Ads. Check out what our Clients are saying about us!

“This is the Best PPC Expert I have ever used.”

“I go through a lot of people before I find the ‘right guy.’ Believe me when I say that this is the ‘right guy’ for PPC. We have a middle sized business with a good PPC strategy, but I wanted to see if I could find someone who could bring it to the next level. THIS IS THE GUY YOU WANT! I expected it to take 6 months to break even. He made 3X what he cost in added value in only 3 months!
His communication is EXCELLENT. His knowledge of all of our PPC arms (Adwords, Facebook, and Bing) were far superior to average in the field. He is a really easy-going human being, and he’s a PREDATOR at PPC.
Don’t hesitate at all because of the fee. The ROI on this guy is worth it. Hire him now before your competitor does.
Again, Ilya, thank you for all your hard work on this project, and when we revisit next quarter, we will definitely be using you again.”

– Medictest.com

I signed up with Live PPC Ads and I would like to recommend it to every one interested in running PPC campaigns without knowledge of online marketing or AdWords. These guys are very easy to work with and the customer service is very reactive!
With a Purpose Inc., Live PPC Ads Team
Amazing agency and top class support, as I am a beginner, Ilya helped me above and beyond and was more than patient, his responses were quick and he has a genuine care for you to enjoy and move forward with your PPC Campaigns! Highly recommended!
KiiF Skateboards, Live PPC Ads Team
Let me say something, you have an amazing team and awesome support. They helped me even on weekends. This is what I call an extra mile in customer relationship. So I gave 5 stars and if I could, I would give 10 stars for support.
SaneBox.com, Live PPC Ads Team
Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. I went to look for answers to my own questions and quickly realized that the information I was requesting was very hard to find. But with your help, I’m getting more leads and new business than ever. In fact everything has been perfect so far. This is by far the most well supported PPC team I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Lots of wonderful options. I wished I had found you before I spent money on a AdWords myself. Thanks again for the great support and for a great service.
Creative Design, Live PPC Ads Team
If I could give 100 stars for support and attention to detail I definitely would. I have tried a good number of PPC campaigns managed by various agencies that sound good on the phone, but after you pay them you find numerous problems, crazy managers and very very poor support. I started with Live PPC Ads team because I had a lot of problems with my own PPC campaigns, but the guys from Live PPC Ads were remarkable and I really mean this. The speed of support and attention to detail is quite phenomenal. You will be extremely pleased.
Global Eyeglasses, Live PPC Ads Team
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